Taking it all in

My view last week.  Port-au-Prince Haiti.  Sunset.  Looking forward to sharing more about my trip with Elevation Church and our lead Pastor’s wife Holly Furtick to see the orphanage we sponsor there through C3 Global.  See more from my friend Cory Rice who joined me at the last minute to help lug equipment.

I’m going back to Haiti in November to serve with one of our Elevation Church outreach partnersBless Back Worldwide.  I’ll be there for Thanksgiving – and though I’ll miss my family – I can’t imagine a better way or a better place to give thanks.  I’ll be capturing the faces of children at the Bless Back Worldwide orphanage in Les Cayes.

Would you do two things for me this morning?  Would you pray for me and our team members as they make preparations to go to Haiti?  Secondly, please consider helping Bless Back in two different ways:  We have the opportunity to secure a grant from Giving of Life to support Bless Back’s medical missions to Haiti.  Please go there now to vote for Bless Back.

Then, please consider a donation to Bless Back in my name to help me raise the funds to serve this Thanksgiving in Haiti.  Consider it an opportunity for you to give thanks – and to share your blessings.

I’ll be shooting photos and video of the culture and the children to raise awareness of the continued need in Haiti.  Thank you!


~ by Tonia B Lyon on September 28, 2011.

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