Such an honor…

I’m always so thankful for our church, and so proud of my pastor, Steven Furtick.  We’d planned this weekend to baptize about 40 people at the Elevation Matthews campus.

But when Pastor Steven wondered aloud live during the 11:15 Sunday worship experience, “where are the men,” and called for spontaneous baptisms, people got up out of their seats at our campuses all across the city and headed to Matthews to make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

By the end of the day, Campus Pastor John Bishop and his team baptized 203 people.

One of those, was my daughter, Ciara.

These were memorable, beautiful, life-changing moments for our family, and dozens of others.  An incredible day leading up to 3D-Easter, and a glimpse of what’s to come as people across this city invite their family and friends to hear Pastor Steven preach the gospel from breathtaking locales all across our nation.  We can’t wait to see God move this next week.


~ by Tonia B Lyon on April 18, 2011.

11 Responses to “Such an honor…”

  1. LOVEEee This!!!! AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!!!! ;););)

  2. Wow. This gave me chills. This is only a hint of what God’s gonna do at Elevation next weekend on Easter! So so so proud to be a part of this insane move of God.

  3. What a special day! I don’t believe there was a dry eye at any of the campuses! And how especially touching to watch your sweet daughter step out in faith! SO precious!

  4. I was one of the 203 where can I find more images?? ❤ Elevation Church ! Been going since January have missed 2 Sundays and cried both times we had to miss!! This church is an amazing blessing !!!!

  5. Thank you Elevation is such an amazing church ! I can’t wait for easter sunday !!!!!

  6. What an absolute amazing move of God. Watching people get baptized brought tears to my eyes and then I myself was able to be baptized. A day I’ll never forget!

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